Ep 0: What is DIYbio?

Welcome to DIYbio.FM, a new podcast exploring the state of the DIYbio movement. Each episode, we’ll be talking to experts and amateurs, working with communities and garage biologists, and even trying out DIYbio projects of our own to answer one question - are we really in the midst of a DIYbio revolution?


    Episode 00  - the very beginning. We’re starting simple this week (at least, we thought we were) by trying to define exactly what DIYbio is. It turned to be a harder question to tackle than we expected. To help us, we sought the expertise of some experienced DIYbiologists, including Bioeconomy Capital managing director Rob Carlson, and BioCurious community lab project manager Maria Chavez.

    To dive a little further into the question, we also took a look at who does DIYbio in this episode, landing an interview with wicked-cool artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg. Not only does Heather Dewey-Hagborg have a name you could joyfully repeat for ages (which we do non-stop in minutes 1:00-15:50 of Episode 00), she also shows us what DIYbio is through her project Stranger Visions.



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