Welcome to DIYbio.FM, a new podcast exploring the state of the DIYbio movement. Each week, we’ll be talking to experts and amatuers, working with communities and garage biologists, and even trying out DIYbio projects of our own to answer one question - are we really in the midst of a DIYbio revolution?

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Max Showalter

Max has a passion for tinkering with bacteria to understand life in the oceans, in ice, and in the Universe, but he’s especially interested in communicating stories and science through written and spoken media. A grad student in oceanography and astrobiology at the University of Washington, he is the current Editor in Chief of HiveBio Community Lab, alumnus of the Pacific Science Center’s Science Communication Fellowship, and a member of the Board of Directors for the University of Washington’s graduate student science communication course Engage. He received his undergraduate degree from Purdue University’s School of Agricultural and Biological Engineering where he fell inescapably into the world of DIYbio through participation in iGEM.

@gshowalt  |  gmshowalter.com


Zach Mueller

Zach is always working on side projects—whether it's interviewing people for this podcast, helping to run the SoundBio Lab in Seattle, or hacking together code for an interesting idea that popped into his head, there's always something on his mind to keep him distracted from his day job as a Data Scientist. When he's not working on those, he's either hiking around the Pacific Northwest or traveling to a city or country he hasn't visited before. His first foray in DIYbio began after hearing about and volunteering at iGEM in 2014, where he met enthusiastic students that sparked a drive in him to take part in this quickly advancing movement. Now, he works tirelessly to promote the DIYbio community globally while also getting his hands wet with a lab he started in his garage.

@zachmueller  |  zachmueller.com

Jeremy Heckt

Jeremy is a creator from Washington state. His interests vary greatly: from science to art and writing. He is currently assisting HiveBio Community Lab in their endeavors. He holds a bachelor's in chemistry from The Evergreen State College with plans to attend graduate school. As a creator Jeremy spends a lot of his time coming up with ideas and attempting to pursue them. He enjoys learning, joking around, and tabletop games.

@jeremy_heckt  |  jeremyheckt.com